Yesterday’s brunch post briefly discussed that the word joy has a hidden “oy” or unpleasant expression in its spelling.  What does this mean?  How does this relate to us?  Perhaps most importantly, is Positivb trying to ruin the wonderful word joy?  Well the answer to that last question is certainly not.  However, I do what to bring some clarity to the idea that the road to getting to that place of joy is not always fabulous.  Lets look at this example- summer is coming up and you want to get in shape for swimsuit season.  So a diet and exercise are the prescription here.  Now giving up your favorite foods and going through intense workouts are the “oy” here.  But, when you step out on the beach feeling great about yourself a few months later then there’s your joy.  In my coaching work with clients I always explain that the road to creating a better life is not easy- but the final result is well worth the effort.  Besides, the joy we feel from having to endure a bit is certainly greater than the joy we feel from having to barely endure at all.  The ends really do justify the means when feeling joy is concerned.  Tough it out through the “oy” and get excited about feeling the joy.