Well we’ve finally done it- Spring is here!  I’ve had a countdown going since the day winter began.  The shift to Spring (in my opinion) is probably the most significant season change toward the positive.  The season is associated with fresh beginnings, brightness, and lightness.  All those characteristics are certainly great motivational tools.  I find that motivation for change/improvement is heightened when another part of our environment also changing.  This means that the start of Spring is a prime time to push yourself in that new place you’ve been wanting to go.  The perfect time to make those improvements that have been lingering in your mind all winter long.  The perfect time to face, meet and conquer the challenges that stand in your way.  Making even small changes for the better can get your Spring momentum going.  Once you accomplish one thing on the “to do” list, accomplishing the others seems a lot more likely when you’re on a roll.  Take a look at what you’re looking to improve about life and then begin by tackling the simplest challenge.  How will you begin this Spring?  What will be your first move toward a fresher, newer, better you?