I came across a song on my ipod that I downloaded in a mix a few months ago.  It’s called “Solitude is Bliss” by Tame Impala.  It has a really great laid back california surfer type feel to it (at least I think); but what’s really great about the song is the truth of the title.  I consider myself a very social person.  I love and cherish the fact that I have an amazing family and group of friends who bring so much to my life from our interactions.  However, sometimes we need our own time.  I need to stop my endless chatter and just take some quiet time for myself.  Yesterday I spent the whole day with me; I ate, shopped, and lived a good number of hours without any socializing.  It was incredible.  I got to hear my own thoughts without any outside interference (interference isn’t a bad thing necessarily).  But the fact that I was able to just truly focus on myself (when I do it so rarely) was a wonderful experience.  The inward reflection really refreshed me.  “Me time” is essential.  You may have the best outside influences and advisors around you but until you can hear your own voice uninterrupted clarity and peace can be difficult to find.