It’s 5 days into the new year.  In my last post I discussed your new years resolutions and how to attach more weight to them so that failure seems worse than normal.  Now the next and perhaps more important question must be addressed- how will you ensure that you don’t fail?  You need a plan!  Not just any plan- a plan that you can actually execute and commit to.  A plan that keeps you motivated.  A plan that holds you accountable.  A plan that pushes you to achieve; but doesn’t place unreasonable expectations on what can be achieved in a given time frame.  Your plan is essential to success.  I’ve mentioned in posts before that having yourself as the sole participant in your plan is risky.  When there is no one to answer to but yourself, cutting some extra slack or just slacking off in general is rather easy and likely.  Did you ever notice that taking a class at the gym is much more motivating than when you work out on your own?  As humans competition is a natural part of our behavior.  So during a spin class seeing other humans around you sticking with the steep hill climb is what will keep you going; no one wants to feel like less of a competitor.  So grab a workout buddy, or if you know another person trying to lose weight for the new year, partner up!  If you’re looking to read more, join a book club. Have a family member or mentor hold you accountable for your plan.  Or seek the help of a life coach if you want an independent party to organize, motivate and push you toward your success.  When there’s another force involved in helping create your success, your probability of achievement increases.  Don’t sell yourself short- create a solid plan.  Realizing your resolutions is much easier than you think.  Strategize and succeed.