Do you remember the shake and bake commercials?  I do and that chicken always looked yummy, but today I’ve adapted a bread crumbs brand into my own motto for a more exciting life.  Today’s weather in New York was really incredible.  At over 60 degrees in mid February, today was a dream and just what we’ve all been needing after braving the bitter cold for way to long.  This change in weather seemed to really affect everyone’s personality and behavior.  People were very talkative about the subject and cheerful to boot.  I found myself more energized and able to do my every day tasks with greater enthusiasm.  My sister, a regular on the subway to and from work, called me at the end of the day and said she was walking back to Penn Station because “how could I not on a day like today.”  She was far more pleasant at the end of today than I’ve seen her in a while.  Now I’ll stop right here and say I’m not only suggesting a change in the weather can help shake up our mood; rather any positive change in our daily routines can help us have a more productive/enjoyable/fun day.  Routines become well just too routine and can take an enjoyable situation to bland and a bland situation to downright horrible.  If we simplify this even more, think of your favorite food.  Now I’ve been asked many times if I had to take one food to an island forever what would it be?  I find myself giving the same answer of sushi and frozen yogurt- yes that’s not one food, it’s two.  Why?  Well as much as I love both of those items I cannot imagine just having one of them for the rest of my life.  Even something I consider a favorite I cannot 100% commit myself to if there is no variety involved.  When it comes to the idea of shaking up your routine to get a better result or feeling from a situation, what’s great is that we can fully take charge of the “shaking.”  In speaking to countless people about their careers I’ve found that those who really love their jobs always mention that two days are never alike.  Have a clerical desk job with the same day to day tasks?  Change up the order you complete the tasks in or the chair you sit in, or buy brightly color pens/highlighers/post-its or even just changing the back ground of your computer can make such a difference.  For any type of relationship variety becomes so important as time goes on.  In that case doing new activities or changing up any routine you have going will add the element of novelty back which can reignite the fun spark.  Even for doing simple house work, putting on new music in the background or adding an extra element to the routine can certainly decrease the dull factor.  So shake up what you’re doing and been doing and enjoy the revamped routine.