When it comes to judging people there’s no reason to immediately label them.  Rather approach the situation thinking that they are good and let them prove otherwise.  We are human and therefore mess up from time to time.  So making allowances for mistakes is necessary.  However, if you’re seeing repeated patterns of poor behavior, treatment, actions etc. take the rose glasses off and see someone for who they clearly are.  It is so easy to get blinded by initial prejudgments; it is just as easy to lose your grip with reality and let people get away with too much after you’ve known them for a while.  It’s all about allowing yourself to get to know someone and then keeping judgments in check.  People change, or may not reveal everything about themselves in the beginning.  Just make sure you have the proof to label someone as being “x.”  Being a fair party to others and yourself requires balance; it is of course hard to achieve but necessary for keeping things positive.  Happy Holidays to those celebrating!