I’m starting to see an unintentional theme in my last few entries.  It seems that I’m discussing the transition from negativity (or feeling not so positive) to a more positive point of view.  So now I’m thinking about the catalyst that puts us in that positive place.  I’ve discovered that the fuel which drives someone into a better mental state is very different for everyone.  Some people need to be surrounded by those who are upbeat to transition themselves into that feeling.  Others need their own time to process and talk themselves into a better frame of mind.  Maybe its making a change in routine, or talking to a certain someone that causes your mood to shift.  Whatever it may be try to recognize it.  Try to identify that moment or situation in which you feel yourself transition into that lighter side of yourself; that place where you’re feeling happy, able and ready to take on what comes next.  This is what I’d like to call your positive identity.  Your unique formula for getting yourself to feel well again.  Take your personal recipe for positivity and keep it handy for a healthier you.