Whether you are aware of this or not, you are solely in control of your title.  When people victimize themselves, it is just that- they are attaching the title “victim” to their persona.  No unfortunate circumstance, environment or factor outside of one’s thinking has the power to make someone a victim.  It is only when you take pity upon yourself that you become the undesirable victim….isn’t this great news?!  It’s fabulous that you never essentially have to be a victim or loser or any other product of negative circumstance.  When bad things happen you can easily extract yourself from the victim pitfall by uttering a phrase from one of my favorite movies – The Hangover, “Not Up in Here!”  This translates to- this is not happening or  I won’t let this happen.  So now should you find yourself in a bad situation, where maybe some awful circumstances or outcomes have found a way into your life, you can bypass the entire state of despair, just think “NOT UP IN HERE.” Then you may begin taking proactive measures to move yourself into a better place, working away from the negative situation or environment;  refuse to make yourself a victim…there’s no victim up in here.