For my amazing followers who saw my last post on blogger and made their way over here thank you!  For those of you just finding me now- thanks for taking a look!  You’re probably wondering- did this person get a super creative spark one night and write over 50 blog articles?  Is this person in fact human?  Well take comfort in the fact that I make a spring move from blogspot to WordPress.  I loved my first home at blogspot, but something kept calling me over here and I just went with it.  Instead of taking the easy way out and giving the link to my old blogspot address with the old articles,  I decided to make life a little easier for the WordPress community and harder for myself  (but hey I like a challenge) and recopy all of my posts onto this blog.  It was really great revisiting all of my old posts- it reminded me how proud I am of this blog and how I’m excited to continue in this new forum.  So take a look through, and if any posts speak to you please comment or email me at  I love a new spring wardrobe- so revamping PositivB’s look by moving to WordPress is virtually changing clothes (or as close to it as I’ll get.)