So you know there are a ton of things you need to do for yourself, but the motivation to do any of these things is just absent at the moment.  Maybe you need a life coach?  But anyhow, you’re at the point where you cannot help yourself, so why not help someone else?  It’s so much easier to fix up other people’s lives/problems compared to your own.  So you do a good deed (mitzvah) and help your friend get motivated to start xyz that he couldn’t get going alone.  Now he’s flying.  What are you doing?  Maybe now that you motivated someone and saw a positive result you get the feeling that you too can produce your own great results.  Maybe you don’t want to be left behind in the race to success?  Maybe motivating someone else is just the remedy you needed to fuel your own motivation?  Why not give it a try?  If nothing else at least you did a mitzvah…and thats pretty positive on its own.