Everyone has those moments when things seem too overwhelming or scary or life just seems impossible to cope with at the moment.  While I am PositivB, I am also a real person and understand that when life presents us with tough situations simply saying “ohh everything will be fine” and not dealing with any of anxiety is really impossible; not to mention repressing these feelings is also just unhealthy.  So I propose that in moments of extreme stress have a “mini meltdown,” more specifically one that lasts no more than 3 minutes give or take.  Heres why this works so well:  In having this mini emotions-fest you can release that tension which is pervading every fiber of your being while at the same time not wasting an unnecessary amount of time wallowing in your own self pity.  As important as it is to release the tension that you’re feeling, it is also important to proactively tackle the problem.  The anxiety will only truly go away when the problem is resolved.  Three minutes allows for that release without cutting into the law of diminishing returns.  Those first few minutes when you let your emotions run wild will be much more gratifying than those coming later on.   There’s no need to waste more time feeling less relief after you’ve let out a good yell or had a good cry for 3 minutes. So when the world just seems to be too much to handle take a step back have a mini meltdown, then grab a mini-cupcake (or your favorite dessert of choice) and tackle the issue.