Just recently I heard the sweetest story about two Argentinian guys who were best friends in their younger years. In third grade though, one of them moved to Israel with his family.  At that time cell phones and computers were not used as they are today so they lost touch.  Then in high school it happened that the other boy also moved with his family to the same area in Israel that his best friend had moved to years before.  The two reunited as they found each other in a freshman homeroom class; they have been inseparable ever since.  Then there’s the story of my favorite married couple/ two of my best friends Jonathan and Michele Silverman.  Meeting in the sandbox at the age of three was the beginning for these two.  They went on to be each others first boy/girlfriend.  After a high school romance they broke up and dated other people.  Through the college years they remained in touch, drifting in and out of each others lives from time to time.  Then just before they turned 30 they reunited romantically, having realized that after searching far and wide there was no better match out there.  I have so many other stories that I could share, but my point is pretty clear here- some things are just meant to be.  The idea of fate can be scary to a lot of us.  Do we really not have any control of the outcome of our lives?  While I wouldn’t go that far, there is certainly a lesson that can be taken from this idea of “meant to be.”  Sometimes we find ourselves wanting something, someone or some sort of outcome to occur in our lives.  We want that thing so badly that we use a significant amount of effort (basically way too much) to try to attain what we want.  With the idea of “meant to be” in mind, we can save ourselves a tremendous amount of unsuccessful effort.  Yes life requires effort.  No, you cannot lie in your bed and expect fate to take you through life.  However, if you find yourself using an unnatural amount of force to try and achieve something, perhaps it is just not supposed to happen for you.  This is a certainly a difficult idea to accept; but if you also take into account that life is not supposed to be painstakingly hard it makes sense.  If you are meant to go down a certain path or be with a certain person, chances are that  you will find yourself in that place without going through a war to get there.  Living life is a combination of making something of everyday and allowing things to fall into place as they should.