Today an old rap song came on the radio which I love and have not heard in a while; I Wish I Were Taller by Skee-Lo; it got me thinking about growth.  While I can’t give a secret remedy as to how to physically shoot up a few inches, I can give a prescription for mental growth everyday.  Growth is stretching farther than what is within your comfort zone.  It is about expansion some capacity of yourself and giving yourself more of something.  So it is totally possible to grow yourself everyday.  It doesn’t have to be anything major either; just learning a new fact is growth because you’ve expanded your mind.  The point is to keep improving yourself every single day.  Each week go for a range of growth, so on some days keep it small and other days really push your limits into a new place.  Remember new doesn’t necessarily mean wonderfully amazing, but it does mean that you’re going places, gaining knowledge and working toward an improved you.