I’d like to thank Nicole B. for helping me come up with this post.

Have you ever asked someone what they do for a living, they give a one word answer, miserable facial expression and move on.  Not only have I seen people do this- I used to do this.  I was unfulfilled in my old career in so many ways, and it really became apparent when others asked me about it.  Not only was I reminded of how disconnected I felt from my job, but people were not interested in continuing a conversation with someone who seemed relatively unhappy.  I completely changed once I began my coaching career.  Now people say I “light up” when I talk about my work; this reaction makes them more interested in speaking to me and the result is that in new social situations I handle myself well.  Being a more socially inclined gal, making new friends and interacting in a positive, magnetic way makes me a happier person.  So essentially, finding a fulfilling career has caused other areas of my life (in this example social activity) to also become enhanced.  This is where happiness meet dominos.  This is where the chain reaction of happy causes happy takes effect.  This is why it is so important that you love what you do.  Now whether that is making some small adjustments to your current work or completely changing your career depends on your situation.  But you can be certain that the benefits of “lighting up” about your work will span far beyond the career piece in your life.