How many times have you wondered why a situation crashed and burned before it even took off?  Recently, a friend of mine was discussing how frustrating dating can be; especially when a guy takes your number and then doesn’t call.  Why did he take my number in the first place?  Why didn’t he want to give a thought or chance to a second meeting?  Did I do something wrong at the end?  While we can torture ourselves with these questions- which will probably never be answered- there’s a bigger picture to be seen. This situation did not work out favorably because of xyz factors.  If such problems exist, would you have wanted to be a part of a dysfunctional situation?  Chances are your answer is no.  So if someone took your number just to be polite, or for the purposes of power, or maybe because he wants to put you in his rotation of ladies (which is large explaining the lack of calling) then it is a GREAT thing that you didn’t have to waste any more of your time with this person.  The same applies to most situations where you feel that you’ve been let down in some way.  If you interview with a company, and the HR rep says that they will call you and they do not, well then you’ve avoided working at a company that didn’t feel you were a proper match.  What does this mean?  You avoided the prospect of working somewhere that doesn’t reflect a culture you would thrive in.  You avoided the job misery that so many people are plagued by.  There is something better out there and you’ve been lucky enough not to waste your time doing otherwise.  Though we often find ourselves initially disappointed by potentially positive situations- we all wind up on the winning side in some facet.  Sometimes the positive attached to the disappointment is not immediately seen, but trust that it is there.  Want what wants you; reject what does not.  Everything happens for a reason!