So far I haven’t written about an experience that brought so much inspiration to a blog entry.  I just ended a life coaching session with one of the most amazing people I know (whose name I won’t reveal for privacy reasons) but not only was this person just beaming after our session but so was I.  Our discussion was about the possibility of failure in the workplace.  We were talking about the likelihood of failure, failure as an option and what could be done to prevent failure from occurring.  While going through the process I realize that when people say “failure isn’t an option” it’s a really complicated statement.  An option according Merriam- Webster is “an act of choosing.”  This means when failure occurs it is because we have chosen to fail.  So unless you are planning to do some self sabotaging, failure is not on the menu of outcomes.  Failure is the worst result, why consider it when you are vying for success?  Failure and success do not belong in the same thought.  If success is a possibility then failure is not.  Failure is simply a default outcome.  The only option I see when it comes to considering failure is to take it off the list.