Everything happens for a reason is one of the sayings that I live my life by.  I cannot express how absolutely valid this statement is when it comes to almost any situation.  I remember once using the expression when I was driving in the car with someone and he made a wrong turn.  I tried to explain that there was some sort of reason as to why it wasn’t meant that we initially turn in the right direction; he said that this situation wasn’t applicable and that it was just a thoughtless act on his part.  I came back with a bunch of examples as to why it may have been a good thing that we didn’t make the correct turn at first (clearly positivb is always trying to find the positive points of every situation).  Whether or not it was meant that we drive the wrong way isn’t so much the point I’m trying to make.  While I’ll live and die by “Everything Happens for a Reason” I won’t do so blindly.  What do I mean by this?  Well I simply won’t sit comfortably thinking that there’s some reason as to why life occurs as it does; I’m proactive so I seek out the reason or possibilities as to why certain things happens and certain things don’t.  I feel it is not enough to just passively agree to the “its meant to be reasoning,” you must find or at least attempt to create an understanding about a situation where the above saying is used.  After all, any experience has a learning component; so allow yourself to grow and gain understanding from life’s twists and turns by taking a proactive approach to “Everything Happens for a Reason.”  Today’s wrong turn may lead to tomorrows great success; find the meaning behind the mistake.