When we have to decide whether or not to do something, also known as saying “yes” or “no” it seems that there are only 2 choices we can pick from.  But there is actually a third- complete avoidance of making a decision at all.  We try to avoid dealing with the negative by completely dodging the decision making process altogether.   This may seem like a quick fix, but it is actually worse than simply rejecting an  idea.  Blatantly ignoring someone by not responding can stir up feelings of anger (ie. they may feel you dont consider them important enough to give a response to)  from response requesting party- anger that could have been easily avoided.  Life is a little messy, we cannot please everyone, and yes sometimes by making a choice we may end up having to face the unpleasant music.  However the positive part about saying no to an idea is that at least you have made a decision; you have shown that you possess character and more importantly a backbone.  Without a backbone you are just a jellyfish- you are better than a jellyfish, so make a decision!