Being a New Yorker, today I have been confined to my house because of this blizzard.  The Christmas holiday also had me spending more time at home than I normally would on a given weekend.  So here are some of thoughts that came to me during this down time…

1. I have an amazing family, and an amazing relationship with them.  Not once this weekend have I wanted to “escape” or felt trapped being in the house with them.  We have such a fun time together.  I realize I’m lucky to feel this way and that not everyone does.  The truth of the matter is that if your relationship with family is not what you’d like it to be, it is never to late to make it better.  Relationships are not like flowers, even if they “die” they can be revived; it takes effort but is well worth the work.

2. Sitting at home- or in any simple environment and just enjoying the company of who you’re with is the true test of any relationship.  My sisters are some of the funniest people I know.  We can be anywhere and have a great time because of their personalities.  When all the fanfare and fancy elements of life are removed from the picture, are you enjoying who you’re with?  The test of true mental compatibility lies in doing nothing and being completely happy doing so because of the company of those around you.

3. Slow down a little.  I’m always on the run.  This weekend I was forced to stop the go go go theme of my life, and while I didn’t get everything accomplished on my to do list, I got other things accomplished that I never thought about doing.  Relax a little; if it didn’t kill me, it won’t kill you.  Maybe you’ll even enjoy it.