When it comes to “luck” there are two main beliefs.  One thought is that it simply comes to you in the form of an effortless “gift”; the other is that you are responsible for the luck occurring.  While these two theories seem like they stand on opposite ends of the fence, I like to look at luck as a fusion of the two.  What do I mean by this?  Well when good things come to us we often just concentrate on the “thing” itself and not what brought this luck to us.  When you believe in luck it is likely that you are a positive person.  You are probably emitting a positive energy which is felt by others around you.  This energy will create more favorable situations for you- this idea is expanded upon in the book The Secret.  So when you believe in luck, you’re radiating good energy and making conditions for lucky instances to occur.  I’ll illustrate this theory with a clear example.  As you may have seen from many of my other blogs I like to use the whole “getting a job” situation as illustration points simply because it is easy to relate to and rather applicable to our economic times.  So you’re in the market for a job.  Maybe you’re unemployed or currently working but either way you’re looking for a change.  It’s tough out there (sorry to state the obvious); but despite the conditions you’re staying positive thinking that something good will come your way.  In your mind you are thinking that you’ll find luck in your job search.  This translates into you walking around happy, optimistic and more importantly not depressed and negative about the situation.  Maybe you’re at a department store and start talking to a random shopper standing next to you in line.  The positive energy inside you makes you attractive to the person you’re speaking to (not necessarily in a sexual way).  This person enjoys the interaction simply because of your good vibes which stem from your belief in luck.  Maybe during the conversation it comes up that you’re looking for a job.  In two weeks maybe you get a call from the very person you spoke to at the mall saying a good friend of hers is looking to fill a position at her company. Then BOOM you’re at an interview and get the job.  Your positive energy from belief that luck will come made this situation possible; essentially you made the luck from your belief in it.  So next time you see someone “effortlessly” finding himself in favorable (or lucky) situations evaluate how positive this person is; chances are this isn’t some strange cosmic coincidence.