I just came back from a long weekend of the Tony Robbins seminar Unleash the Power Within.  It was  really great; I learned a lot of valuable life lessons.  One I must share is the secret to making a change- it’s the act of getting uncomfortable.  Think of a situation in your life which you would like to be different.  Lets say its your job.  You’re a receptionist at a dentist’s office.  You’ve been working there for 2 years and you realize that you have more potential than this.  But the job pays the bills and you’re comfortable there.   You have thought about starting that business you thought of last year, but never made any moves toward that.  There’s no burning motivation to make the change, so you don’t  make it.  Let’s say though you walk in one day and your boss tells you that you’re no longer allowed to sit down for the work day and that he’s cutting your pay by 25%.  Not so comfortable anymore right?  Now you’re probably really reassessing whether or not you should be working there.  Chances are that you’ll be considering starting that business much more seriously now; or at least looking for what better options exist for you.  When humans experience discomfort they are much more likely to seek out options which diminish the pain.  So maybe your boss won’t take you chair away tomorrow; but you can be in charge of creating the discomfort.  Set a higher standard, make a new goal, find some factor that creates enough friction inside you which sparks you to take action.  The old adage “no pain, no gain” couldn’t be anymore true.  Make that your new motto for becoming outstanding.