I am truly lucky to be surrounded by so many amazing people; I know I constantly bring this up.  I’m not much of a bragger about any other aspect of my life, but my family and friends are just great.  One standout woman who I’m making this post a tribute to is Erin Veltman.  I really don’t know where to begin.  I guess I can start with strength.  Her strength is quite unlike anyone else’s I’ve ever known.  She makes the seemingly impossible look pretty easy.  At her young age having conquered more obstacles than most of us, her strength is just incredible.  Not to mention her perseverance.  She has always taken opportunities to engage in a challenge or go the extra mile.  The tasks are never easy and neither is the work she has to put in to get the desired results.  But those results appear.  Her resourcesfull nature is undoubtedly a huge part of her success.  I can recall discussions between her and I where a certain situation was presenting more of an obstacle than anticipated.  Brainstorming with her is amazing because she’s ready to step outside of the box, go beyond the normal means, but also stays in the realm of realistic.  Her ability at this is a true art.  While much of this tribute has lent itself to the professional side of Erin, as a friend she is unmatched.  I’m in the process of trying to pursuede Merriam- Webster to put her face next to loyal in the dictionary.  When Erin labels herself as your friend, you have someone you can always count on.  While she and I have been separated by state lines on and off for the past few years, the distance hasn’t seemed to affect her loyalty.  I know that when I need her she will be there.  That reassuring support makes me a stronger person.  I know her other friends feel this way about her too; her friendship is invaluable to anyone lucky enough to receive it.  Watching and knowing Erin for all these years has given me a standard to measure greatness against.  Everything about her is an inspiration; she is a true heroine.  Seeing her achievements has given me hope, confidence and a framework as to how I can make myself great.  Maybe it’s selfish that I get all these amazing perks from having Erin as an integral part of my life, but I’d like to just think I’m really lucky….really lucky to be blessed with Erin.
Last night I arrived in San Diego to begin my NLP certifcation.  I will be doing posts about my experience here which is different from the normal theme of my posts, but not to worry positivity will continue in theme.  Erin was pretty much the reason that I’ve found myself in sunny California this morning about to do something that will enhance my life immensely.  Thank you my dear, I love you so much!