Today is the birthday of one of my amazing friends- Melissa Schneider.  I haven’t yet written a blog dedicated to someone in my life but why not start now- and what a fabulous start with Melissa.  We were speaking just yesterday when she mentioned that she had been reading my blog and wanted to know when the next post was coming.   The joy I felt when she said that was just overwhelming.  It meant so much that she takes time from her schedule to follow my activity- I know she really cares and it’s really touching.  The compliment she gave me by mentioning her avid following my writing just made my day so much better.  She contributes to the positive energy in my life that keeps me who I am.  Not only is she a concerned friend, she is also generous, hysterically funny, ridiculously fun, resourceful, brilliant, stylish (although not an internal part of her, something that must be mentioned) and just such a real and down to earth person.  She exemplifies the type of friend you want to have in your life.  I strongly suggest that if you don’t have a Melissa in your life- go find one IMMEDIATELY.  Happy Birthday Melissa! You only deserve the best that life has to offer! xo